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LJVM Coliseum Suite Details and Pricing

How much do LJVM Coliseum Suites cost?

LJVM Coliseum suites range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the event and capacity of the suite and location in LJVM Coliseum. Included will be tickets and parking passes. Some events may have special packages that include food & beverage options or credits.

How many guests can fit in a LJVM Coliseum Suite?

Private suites at LJVM Coliseum vary in capacity, from 10-20 seats for watching the event, with the option for additional standing room tickets.

LJVM Coliseum Suites Overview


Pre-order your first-class food and beverage options with in-suite catering. Whether it’s snacks or dinner, cocktails or colas, our menu has you covered.

Parking and Transportation

Get from the street to your Coliseum luxury suite faster with guaranteed parking in the Allegacy Club lot, easily reachable from the University Parkway entrance to the Coliseum lots.

Venue Bag Policy

The safety of our guests comes first at LJVM Coliseum, so we only permit clear bags or small clutch bags (subject to inspection) no larger than 6.5” x 4.5”.


Avoid the crowds with VIP access through the Allegacy Club entrance and head straight to your suite.


In your LJVM Coliseum luxury suite, service is just a button away! Use your Kallpod and we’ll be right with you whether you need ketchup, more drinks, or housekeeping.

Know Before You Go

Newly remodeled Coliseum luxury suites feature updated carpeting, cabinets and granite countertops, as well as comfortable seats to enjoy the game or show.